About Us

Our Origins

In 2015 a picturesque grove near Masterton in the Wairarapa became home to Olive Black. With a goal to develop a world-class olive oil, we were blessed with a favourable first harvest. Our fruit was then carefully pressed in a temperature-controlled environment to deliver a beautiful rich golden oil. 

The oil was then carefully packaged and delivered to the most exclusive food stores in Auckland and throughout New Zealand, and a cult following from food lovers quickly followed. 

The secret to our success?

Our olives are harvested at the pinnacle of ripeness by our expert grower. They’re then pressed mere hours from the moments the fruit has left the branches of the grove. The key to capturing the ultimate flavour and nutrients of the olives is to press the fruit within a 24-hour window.

From branch to bottle, the Olive Black
process is achieved in under 24 hours, ensuring a smooth, fresh, delicious drop
every time.

Smooth, Fresh & Delicious

Awards and Accolades

Olive oil is revered the world over. Not only a delicious ingredient, dressing, and dip, but also an abundant source of health benefits for you and your family. Though, not all olive oils are created equal.

Olive Black Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 100% cold-pressed olive oil and is a quality source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Pressed in a temperature-controlled environment, the perfectly ripened olives deliver an untainted golden oil that burst with flavour and a buttery mouthfeel. Olive Black oils are recognised as among the very best in New Zealand and throughout the world.

New York International Competition

Olive Black is making a name for itself on the world stage.

Hot off the success of the New Zealand Olive Oil Awards, Olive Black has collected a gold medal from the prestigious New York International Olive Competition.

Handpicked from a record 1100 entries from 28 countries, Olive Black takes its rightful place amongst the top olive oils in the world.

Competing with traditional producers from France, Italy, Spain, and Greece, the Wairarapa climate has delivered a fruity oil with hints of green grass, pine, and floral tones, impressing the international judges.

2021 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Certification

This is to certify that the olive oil detailed below has met or exceeded:

  • The International Olive Council standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • The Olives New Zealand standards for Certification.

“Black pepper, rocket and green on nose, blanched palate lingers in mouth nicely.”

OliveMark logo

Olives New Zealand Certification

The red stamp adorning the side of your bottle of Olive Black is assurance your olive oil is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, meeting the highest standards as set by Olives New Zealand. To qualify for the prestigious Olives New Zealand Mark, oils must meet specific requirements. These standards are based on those the International Olive Council set and include bottling and labelling and chemical and sensory criteria.

Best in Show medal

New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards 2020

Olive Black Extra Virgin Olive Oil has taken the prestigious top award at the 2020 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards. Judged Best in Show from nearly 200 entries from the most esteemed growers in New Zealand, the oils are judged on three components- aroma, mouthfeel, and taste.

The rich Wairarapa soil and unique climate is the key to Olive Black’s success. With temperatures ranging from as high as 32 degrees Celsius to lows of close to zero in any given month, the extreme temperatures deliver a strong flavoured fruit that is pressed with the utmost precision and care.

The Wairarapa region is undeniably the olive capital of New Zealand, and Olive Black is asserting its position as the jewel in the region’s crown.

Gold medal